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Internet Access

Business IT Services

HCST specializes in providing high-quality Internet services for organizations in the Dayton and Springfield, Ohio area. HCST dedicated Internet connection services are designed to provide high-quality Internet services, with the bandwidth you need, when you need it.

Working with premier partners such as Level3, Time Warner Business Class and Covad,  HCST provides the RIGHT solution for your bandwidth needs. The HCST solution set includes high-bandwidth (T1 and higher, including ethernet-handoff)  tier-1 connectivity from twTelecom, Business-quality DSL services from Covad (where available), or dedicated, fully monitored private connections through the HCST backbone.

HCST is experienced in dealing with network security issues, as well as unique debugging and trouble shooting techniques. The HCST backbone, including multi-tenant facilities access is structured with capabilities for monitoring and trouble shooting specific issues.

Most HCST dedicated connections (depending on contract specifics) are monitored by HCST 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. HCST’s Network Operations Center is automatically alerted and corrective actions taken by HCST staff — automatically, before you even realize something is amiss.