FreePBX® & Asterisk®

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FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk (PBX), an open source communication server.

Asterisk is a powerful open source telephony platform that runs on the Linux operating system. It provides standard business telephone system (PBX) features and functions. But it can also serve a veriety of specialized rolls including Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Automated Voice Response (IVR), IP telephony gateway/softswitch and more.

Dedicated PBX

With the combination of a Linux-based system, the Asterisk PBX software, web-based administrative interface and business-grade server hardware, HCST configures an enterprise-class PBX appropriate to your organization’s needs. Asterisk features are not individually licensed like many proprietary PBX so the entire feature set is available if you need it. A variety of commercial modules are also available (at additional cost) to enhance the base FreePBX installation and provide a number of useful features, such as desktop faxing, device management, and enhanced system administration.

Hosted Solutions

Really small office, or have mobile workers (or work from home)? Our Hosted PBX solutions may work best for you. All you need are phones and a high-quality (business class) Internet connections…. The PBX is located on the internet, so you don’t have the hardware or management investment in it!

Why Asterisk®?

  • Decreased expense over traditional telephony programming
  • Added digital features like email voicemail delivery, conference bridging
  • Multi-location installations with hot spare machines
  • Specialty IVR Programming for multiple business under one roof or specialized call plans
  • Disaster Recovery – if the building falls down, calls are re-routed to cell phones, or homed to another server

Why FreePBX®?

  • Out-of-the-box, FreePBX is an incredibly feature-rich PBX with dozens of standard features. Many more advanced add-ons are available as well such as High Availability, Zulu UC and Phone Apps
  • FreePBX is the world’s most deployed open source business communications system with a vibrant community, millions of active installations and over 400 new installs per day.
  • FreePBX leverages standard computing servers and Linux OS. It is configured and managed using standard web browsers. It fully supports the ubiquitous SIP protocol.
  • FreePBX is available as a downloadable software package. It can be installed as a preconfigured hardware appliance, or on your own server or virtual machine.
  • HCST provides full support of our installed FreePBX® systems, additionally backed by vendors.

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    Asterisk® is a trademark of Digium, Inc.
    FreePBX is a trademark of Sangoma Technologies.