Warranty Support Policy

Business IT Services

HCST often recommends, procures, installs and/or maintains computer systems, network hardware and related items which are covered by manufacturer warranties. However, HCST services are not considered warranty support, and are charged to the client at normal HCST rates for the service provided.


When requested by a client, HCST service personnel will diagnose problems with computer systems, network hardware and related items. When HCST is aware of warranty coverage on the item, and the diagnosed problem appears to be a warranty related issue, HCST will notify the client of the warranty status and diagnostic information. HCST will continue to work with the warranty provider to remedy the warranty-related issue if so desired by the client.

HCST’s goal is to minimize the cost to the client in these cases by quickly and accurately performing initial diagnostics and ensuring the warranty coverage is applied as broadly as applicable.

It must be understood however, that HCST’s services are professional services, and will be invoiced at applicable rates.