Voice over IP

Business IT Services

Voice-over-IP is the technology used to handle voice traffic on the same local network or Internet connections as your data services. Thus, phones are network devices using the same connections (wiring and jacks) as your workstations. Offices are easier to wire and maintain without seperate wiring.

HCST provides a range of phone system options, specifying the solution that best meets each clients needs both now, and into the future with expected growth.

Our solutions include on-premises phone systems, completely cloud-hosted solutions, and hybrid solutions using a cloud-hosted full PBX installation.

HCST specializes in the FreePBX phone system infrastructure. FreePBX is a non vendor-specific software and hardware solution which provides a full-featured, cost-effective solution for your on-premises and cloud hybrid requirements. For typical hosted solutions, we have excellent solutions with our hosted PBX partners.