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Remote Support

Business IT Services

Remote support capabilities allow HCST to respond faster, and more effficiently to your needs. Almost all servers installed and configured by HCST are configured to allow HCST technicians to access the server remotely via secure encrypted connections to perform most administrative and maintenance functions.

Likewise, HCST remote support capabilities allow HCST technicians to share the workstation “desktop” so they can see the exact same thing to help diagnose and resolve problems, or answer desktop questions.

By accessing your systems remotely, HCST eliminates delay and extra costs associated with travel, and allows us to efficiently support organizations outside our local geographic area.

In conjunction with our Managed Services, HCST Remote Support capabilities go beyond the desktop sharing and allow our technicians to access workstations unobtrusively, even while being used to manage anti-virus and other system settings.