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#Ransomware stat: IT pros report the average requested ransom has increased 37%, year-over-year. The average ransom requested in 2019 is $5,900.

November 6, 2019 0

#Ransomware stat: #cryptolocker is still king with 66% of IT pros still battling this giant.

October 30, 2019 0

#Ransomware stat: 64% of IT pros predict future ransomware will infect IoT devices.

October 23, 2019 0

Not just backups: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

As a business owner, IT Manager, or other principle in your organization, are you SURE your organization can recover from an IT disaster? And by disaster, we’re not just thinking a tornado or fire, but a severe server hardware issue, or even man-made issues like malware, RANSOMWARE, or even human error? Of these, RANSOMWARE is probably the most damaging,…
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May 1, 2019 0

Scam Emails with your OLD password

We’ve had a number of clients that have received recent email from someone claiming to be a hacker who broke into their computer and used their webcam to watch them looking at adult websites. That part of the message may tip off most people that it is a scam, but wait! It contains an old…
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October 4, 2018 0

What is “Managed Services”

This article was first published in the March 2013 Issue of Technology First Magaine. Barry D. Hassler President HCST There are lots of buzz-words floating around the entire technology industry, and the computer support services side of technology is no exception. We have great terms like “IT”, “cloud”, “BYOD”, and “Managed Support”. For those in…
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March 26, 2015 0