Not just backups: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Not just backups: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

May 1, 2019 articles 0

As a business owner, IT Manager, or other principle in your organization, are you SURE your organization can recover from an IT disaster? And by disaster, we’re not just thinking a tornado or fire, but a severe server hardware issue, or even man-made issues like malware, RANSOMWARE, or even human error? Of these, RANSOMWARE is probably the most damaging, and most likely to occur!

At HCST, we’re concerned with not only making sure our clients have adequate BACKUPS, but also the ability to QUICKLY recover from these types of issues. Instead of taking many hours, or more likely days, to get systems back up and running, we strive to be able to have systems back in operation as quickly as a few minutes!

On May 7th at 2pm, come visit us at HCST to see a demonstration by our partner Datto on the Intelligent Business Continuity solution we use for many of our clients. With Datto, we provide more than just BACKUPS, but also the ability to QUICKLY restore IT operations in minutes, instead of hours or days. How long can your organization stand to be off-line? Our Datto solutions provide on-premises backups with restore points as far back as you need, and the ability to recover to a virtualized system in MINUTES. Further, all supplemented by the same features “in the cloud”.

This is a FREE event, but we do require pre-registration. Seating is limited, so register quickly to ensure your spot!

Or, copy and paste the following link to register:

I look forward to seeing you!